Functional Podiatry Services

Providing the best in podiatry care to Hawke's Bay


Offering a full range of Podiatry care

Our services

  • General Podiatry – Nail care, Fungal Nails, Ingrown nails, Corns, Callous, Blistering, to verrucas
  • Sports Podiatry – Lower limb injuries, Hip/Knee/Ankle and Foot pain. ACC registered. Running and walking gait analysis
  • Orthotic Therapy – Custom made orthotics to treat a range of common and rare foot conditions and injuries
  • Childrens Foot Care – Developmental advice and treatment
  • Footwear Advice & Diabetic Foot care


What Functional Podiatry can offer you:

Functional Podiatry is an ACC registered sports and general podiatry clinic  where no issue is too large. Problems such as bunions, cracked heels, ingrown nails, sprained ankles … you name it we see it all!
Being a podiatrist in New Zealand means that of course Functional Podiatry’s Amber Morrison is a registered member of Podiatry NZ and holds a current Annual Practising certificate.

What does this mean you may ask? Being part of PodiatryNZ opens up ongoing learning and continued education opportunities for podiatrist. It also ensures that a policy is in place regulating that quality of care and skills that we provide to you, the client.

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